6 Tips for Preparing for Professional Headshots

Do you have a professional headshot photo shoot coming up? If so, you may feel a little nervous or unsure about the process.

Thankfully, any great photographer will work hard to help you feel comfortable during the shoot. However, you can also take a few measures to prepare for the photo shoot and receive photos you feel confident in.

Read on to learn our six tips for preparing for professional headshots.

What Makes A Good Headshot

Before you can begin preparing for your business headshots, you should understand what makes a good headshot. Many people believe that as long as they stand still in front of the camera, their headshot will come out well. However, several elements can impact how your headshot appears to others and whether you feel confident in it, such as:

  • Clothing
  • Hairstyle
  • Background
  • Posture
  • Tone
  • Lighting
  • Camera quality
  • Post-production

Your headshot reflects your company and branding and is often the first impression customers see when browsing your website. As a result, every element of your headshot should portray a clean, flattering, professional image.

Tip #1: Solid Clothes – Ironed

Before heading to your corporate headshots session, you must choose the proper clothing to portray a professional, neat appearance. Choosing the right attire can accomplish two benefits:

  • Help you appear professional and attractive.
  • Give you confidence during the photo shoot, creating more authentic photos.

We recommend wearing solid colors rather than prints or patterns to ensure that the focus remains on your face. Additionally, be sure to iron your clothes before you get dressed the morning of the shoot. If you forget, your photographer can also smooth wrinkles in post-production.

Tip #2: Posture – Lean into the Camera

Your posture has a significant effect on your appearance within a headshot photo. We recommend angling your body slightly toward the camera, keeping your face head-on with the lens, and leaning your weight on your front foot. Leaning into the camera in this way will:

  • Stretch your neck, eliminating the “double-chin” effect
  • Enhance your jawline
  • Draw the focus to your eyes
  • Create a friendlier, more approachable appearance

You should also be sure to stand up tall and keep your shoulders back. A hunched posture can portray an image of discomfort or insecurity while standing tall can help you look and feel confident.

Tip #3: Reset Your Smile

Your photographer will take several photos to ensure that they obtain the perfect shot. As a result, you may need to stand behind the camera for a few minutes during the shoot.
Instead of maintaining the same smile throughout the photo shoot, we recommend resetting your facial expression between pictures. Holding a smile for longer than a few seconds can create an unnatural appearance, but simply resetting your expression can refresh your smile.

Additionally, you may want to take several photos with different expressions, such as a wide smile, a softer grin, and a neutral expression.

Tip #4: Reinforce Your Brand Image

Before you begin your headshot session, you should discuss with your photographer the tone and image you’d like to portray. Different companies often choose to portray different tones in their photos. Being aware of your tone ahead of time can help you shape your appearance and posture accordingly.
For example, you may want to portray an approachable, friendly appearance of your brand. Alternatively, you may choose a more professional, centered look.
Whichever tone you choose to portray, you should ensure that it reinforces your brand image and comes across in your headshots.

Tip #5: Be Transparent

Communication with your photographer is key to obtaining the best headshots. As hard as you try to portray a specific image, your photographer is the only one who can see how you look behind the camera. Being open about your goals for the shoot, the poses you dislike, and any personal requests can help you experience a smoother, more successful session.
We recommend either sitting down with your photographer for a consultation before the photo shoot or spending a few minutes discussing your goals on the day of. This discussion will be invaluable in achieving a final product you are happy with.

Tip #6: Update Your Headshots Regularly

Finally, taking professional headshots shouldn’t be a one-and-done experience. We recommend updating your headshots every one to two years to ensure that they reflect your current appearance and keep your corporate branding fresh.

Additionally, you should schedule a headshot photoshoot for every new employee who joins your team.

Contact Visibly Illustrated

If you’re looking to receive professional headshots that reflect your company well, we can help. At Visibly Illustrated, we have extensive experience shooting professional headshots that can enhance your brand image and build trust between you and your clients.

Contact us today at (281) 940-7458 to schedule your professional headshot shoot.

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